Feedback from students of Mark...

"Mark Lavengood has been an excellent instructor for me over the years! I come away from every lesson of his with valuable material to work on and a renewed zest for playing! He finds the weak spots in my technique and gives me the tools and understanding to improve on my own, and always with a super positive attitude!" 

    - Abe Kurzer, Hart, MI

"Mark's high energy and positive attitude will help drive you and inspire you. Some teachers like to use lessons to show off and 'put on a concert', but Mark is about fostering and helping the student."

    - Robbie Harris, Nashville, TN

“As an instructor, I found Mark’s skill and knowledge to be very inspiring and his enthusiasm, infectious.  Lessons with Mark are instructive and just plain fun!”

    - Jay Kilpatrick, Grand Rapids, MI

"Solid dobro lessons are hard to find. The internet is chock full of guitar instruction, but lacking sorely in the dobro department. Fear not, Mark Lavengood fills the void, and does so marvelously. He takes the time to determine where you are in your music journey, your current ability level, and immediately begins the process of customizing lessons to suit you and the direction you seek. Mark made me feel right at home from the get-go, and I am always looking forward to my next lesson! And let's face it, the opportunity to learn from someone so passionate and skilled is not easy to come by! Take advantage before he decides to ramble back down that road!"

    -Zach Henrys, Lansing, MI

"Mark not only taught some of the most practical, informative, and engaging lessons I've ever had the pleasure of taking, but he also gave me all the tools necessary for me to continue advancing outside of our lessons."

    - Ben Kolk, Manistee, MI

"After working with Mark on dobro I would highly recommend him to anyone trying to push their playing to the next level. Mark was able to not only assess my dobro abilities, but looked at other aspects of my musicianship, such as other instruments I play and music I normally listen to. This lead to a much more fulfilling lesson, he could show me similarities between dobro techniques and mandolin techniques (an instrument I’m more familiar with), as well as give me specific examples of how the dobro player from my favorite band would approach licks. I walked away from our first lesson together a better dobro player, but more importantly was given the knowledge on how to make my own practice time more efficient."

    - Peter Palmer, Boulder, CO

"Not only was Mark patient and knowledgeable, he was kind and encouraging. I used to feel like a musician wannabe. Mark was a boost to my confidence. Now I'm cranking out songs and working on my first CD! Mark knows his stuff, and he's great with people."

    - Brek Rosengren, Grand Rapids, MI

"Mark is one hell of a teacher. Mark’s passion for music is evident in every lick he plays and every note he teaches. But he’s more than just passionate licks, he’s one of the best communicators I have come across. From camps to individual lessons, I am a player with average sense of theory, but strive to understand why and how we should make musical choices. I don’t do well with rote memorization. Mark teaches the how and the why in simple and digestible terms. He is really great at reading his student and catering the lesson to them. Mark teaches, he listens, he encourages, and provides a range of support so that you can grow as a student of the music."

    - Sam Snyder, Anchorage, Alaska

"Mark isn't just a skilled and respected musical mentor, he's an open, warm soul that makes anybody feel right at home with him and with their instrument."

    - Loren Janice, Grand Haven, MI

"Mark's energy is contagious and the world needs more of that."

    - Sean Jarrells, Grand Rapids, MI