New website, new tour!

Wow! It has been so long since I used and updated my old website. I have been so completely inundated with touring and music making with Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys and keeping busy betwixt the few and far between "down times" that we've had.

From here on out, I am going to strive to keep this website as an interface between the many things that I do keep busy and keeping up with my people! 

I am gearing up for a 5 week tour of the United Kingdom (Scotland, Northern Ireland ,Wales, and England) with Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys for the second time this year. Since our most recent 9 week tour out west (including a jaunt to Scotland for 2 weeks), I've toured with other bands, worked with the youth of Northern Michigan and other Earthwork Music Collective artists on a project called the Quest - a music camp put on by Seeds and the Earthwork Music collective, and have gotten to visit with family and friends. I will be posting updates from all future travels here, so stay tuned, and dig deep! Thanks for checking this out!